Our Approach

We help leading CPG companies improve shopper marketing ROI with a proven, continuous "measure and improve" process.

Foresight ROI has developed its analytic methods from 100-plus years of collective CPG experience, perfected for all types of products and retail formats to support budget allocation, strategy development and path-to-purchase optimization.



We utilize standardized econometric marketing and sales data models that both untangle shopper marketing results from trade promotion and other program elements and measure the synergies between them.



Foresight ROI supports an end-to-end shopper marketing approach.  Our Shopper Planner software will ease the challenges that surround the planning process. Migrate from a world of multiple templates and trackers to a single portal that can properly organize all your shopper marketing budgets and plans, by customer, brand, event, and tactic.



We will deliver action driving content that will empower your shopper marketing team to justify your budget, optimize allocations, and develop the best shopper programs.



Our measurement results will position your shopper marketing team to make informed decisions on how much to spend, where to spend, and how to best spend your shopper investment.



Our Marketing Action Plan will help you define the path towards optimization. In combination with our measurement results, we employ our industry benchmarks and best practices to help our clients achieve superior shopper marketing ROIs. 



Our proven process enables a measure-learn-change process that help our clients drive significant and continuous shopper marketing ROI improvement.

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