Marketing Foresight

Drive profitable year-over-year growth through optimized marketing spending at the brand and tactic level, across your entire portfolio.

Superior marketing mix measurement

Marketing Foresight is much more granular than traditional mix modeling systems, measuring marketing activity volume contribution and ROI at both the brand and tactic level, guiding planning by showing what works and what doesn’t.

Predictive modeling

Marketing Foresight’s predictive models are uniquely developed for marketing ROI measurement and alternative scenario evaluation. The system helps you understand what you will get for your spend and what will drive better results.

Expert insights

Marketing Foresight does more than measure. It is designed to drive better decisions and continuous improvement, with the full support of Foresight ROI marketing analysis experts who are highly committed to your success.

Build Your Marketing Plans Based on Better Vision

Marketing Foresight is an integrated platform for measuring volume decomposition by brand, contribution by marketing element and return on spending for your entire business. Marketing Foresight goes beyond measurement, incorporating scenario evaluation and spending optimization functions.

Marketing Foresight allows you to:

– Objectively measure marketing ROI for budget accountability and allocation
– Identify marketing success drivers and improvement opportunities
– Guide planning of future investments with predictive metrics