Shopper Planner

Turn shopper marketing data into successful events. Manage budget. Forecast volume. Assess and report on ROI. Improve. Continuously.

Shopper Planner is a single, Web-based application that delivers critical data and tools to help your entire team plan, execute and measure successful shopper marketing events.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Forget old-school spreadsheets. Manage everything from one cloud-based Shopper Planner dashboard that integrates all of your data and all of your shopper marketing events, allowing you to plan right down to the UPC level.

Versatility and transparency

Shopper Planner is fully user configurable, enabling you to tailor specific access to each user’s needs and wants, with tiered levels that allow you to specify exactly who sees what.

Clear & custom reports

Shopper Planner’s report generation tools save time and effort, presenting event results for executives, shopper marketing managers and retail partners with configurable formats and clear, intuitive graphics.

Optimize Event Results with Better Data and Smarter Tools.

Shopper Planner’s first-of-its-kind database engine integrates historical results with your current shopper marketing budget for true 360-degree planning. Make marketing decisions that integrate budget and costs, retailers and brands, tactic spend, trade spend, event plan details and more. Tailor ROI metrics to need — and view by retailer, time period, brand, event and tactic. Keep all stakeholders appropriately in the loop, 24/7, through an easy-to-use cloud-based interface.

Shopper Planner is your go-to tool for:

– Planning and executing shopper marketing events
– Forecasting results from better tactic understanding
– Assessing and reporting ROI for programs