Digital Trends in Shopper Marketing

Spending on digital shopper marketing tactics has nearly doubled over the past four years. Large format channels are growing the fastest while grocery channel is growing slower, likely due to so many non-digital media choices available. Retailers and marketing vendors are introducing more digital media products regularly increasing the marketers’ choices. Shoppers are responding by consuming more digital media. Though the main reason for the rapid growth of digital shopper marketing tactics is that it works.

It works

The return on investment for digital shopper marketing is higher than non-digital and is increasing.  On average, digital has a slightly lower cost per thousand impressions and lower distribution cost for coupons. Though, the ROI difference is even greater because the reach is more effective.

  • Digital marketing can deliver relevant, targeted messages at the right time and place.
  • Display ads, search, social, email and even digital coupons are more engaging because the shopper has more control over what marketing they consume
  • Millennial’s are a growing, highly valuable segment who have their own shopping and eating habits and, of course, spend a lot of time online.
  • Over the past 4 years, the Super-center/Club channels have witnessed the most rapid increase in digital spend. Marketers have learned that these outlets provide a great opportunity to reach a large audience due to their national presence and hence have shifted their shopper marketing spend mix accordingly.
Source: Foresight ROI Shopper Marketing Industry Norms from 15,000 events

So Act

Are you keeping up with these trends in your marketing planning?  Are you agile enough with your marketing investments to find and use the highest return and most relevant tactics for your brands and shoppers?  Marketing is changing faster than ever before and scrutiny on the budgets is increasing as shopper marketing spending grows.  

The best marketers are measuring regularly to gain the knowledge to manage it well.  An accurate and frequent shopper marketing measurement program gives you what you need to improve your marketing.  Measure to learn how much to spend, where to spend to optimize the budget and how to spend to create the most effective programs and you too can increase ROI by +10% or more.

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Rick Abens
Founder & CEO